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Yin yoga is a wonderful way to bring balance into our more active asana practice, be it hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga or what not. It is held that there are two natures known to us - the active and the passive, the hard and the soft, the masculine and the feminine. All these opposing qualities can be differentiated simply as yin and yang energies, which should ideally be in perfect balance - That´s when we are at our most successful in every way. The given session is pretty thorough, as we use passive asanas to stretch and impact the connective tissue around major joints and key areas of the body, such as shoulders and shoulder blades, hips, hands and feet, the spine and the groin. Although this seems as a relaxed session, don´t underestimate the challenges that quieting down and passivity holds. You will quickly realize that yin will not only impact the body, but affects the mind also, perhaps even moreso.
Kelly Hrupa
98 minutes