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Dynamic morning class

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This is a strong and shortened class for yogis, who are looking to sweat and flow more dynamically, as we move through a number of namaskars. To balance out the hot and active sun salutation A, we follow it up with flowy, watery chandra namaskar, moon salutation, and move around the mat to stretch the outer edges of the hips. In the middle of the class, we incorporate some basic standing postures, such as anjaneyasana variations and warrior II. We finish off with gomukhasana, cow face pose, for hips and paschimottanasana, seated forward fold, to cool down and quiet the mind. This is a good class for those, who are looking to get their flow on, but are pressed for time. Especially well suited for morning time.
Kelly Hrupa
65 minutes
We had some difficulties with audio distortion while recording this video. We apologize in advance.