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Quick, but slow

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A 50-minute class for beginners with a tight schedule. However, unlike many shorter sessions, this one is moderately paced and gives enough time and guidance to sink into each pose. We start with slow vinyasas, then move onto utkatasana, chair pose variations to heat up the quadriceps. These big muscles may shake and burn, but remember that it doesn´t mean they are weak, so put Your trust into Your own strength - You might just find that You´re stronger than You think! We work on our balance in vrksasana, tree pose and sore into the beautiful ardha camatkarasana, half wild thing to bend our backs. Brief shavasana finishes off the class, but if You are in no hurry to move onto other errands straight from the mat, please feel free to stay in this corpse pose for as long as You wish.
Kelly Hrupa
51 minutes