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This is a long, full mixed level class meant for strong beginners and all intermediate practitioners. We start out slowly with lion kriyas and vinyasas, then take a slightly more detailed look at surya namaskar A, as I explain the intrinsic movements involved during this traditional vinyasa. Yogis will have a chance to work on their jumps and possibly smooth out jumping onto the hands, depending on their personal level. We keep up the flow and incorporate anjaneyasana variations into it until we find ourselves in dolphin pose, makarasana. We bend our backs in camatkarasana, wild thing and wind down the class thereafter. After a considerable shavasana, we take time to properly ground ourselves, by using calming pranayama breathing, such as shitali, for instance. Hopefully, this is a seance that every yogi can find something to take away from. Namaste.
Kelly Hrupa
137 minutes