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A long yoga session, where we (re)discover the power of trust, trust in ourselves, our intuition, as well as others. After sun salutes, we tackle challenging balance poses like utthita hasta padangustasana (hand-to-big toe), natarajasana (king dancer) and ardha chandra chapasana (sugarcane pose). Our challenge does not end with standing postures and we carry on seated, trying out eka hasta bhujasana (elephant trunk pose) and options for surya yantrasana (compass pose). We then take a break and get acquainted with some partner yoga basics. It would be ideal, if You do this class in a group of three, so that there is a flyer, a base and someone to look after the two. If You are taking this class alone, please feel free to use the partner yoga portion of the video for back bending (e.g. salabhasana, cobra pose, bridge pose, etc.), as well as viparita karani (legs-up-the-wall pose) to invert the body. We finish with a shorter closing sequence than usual and take rest in shavasana, of course. Enjoy and put trust in Yourself!
Kelly Hrupa
132 minutes