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New moon practice

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A slightly shorter class that is well suited for those new moon days, when the contracting, downward moving energy takes a hold of us. For this reason, we incorporate some twisting action into the session, which gently squeeze and massage the organs, and emphasize exhalations and detoxification. Feel free to take the class on any other day, too, especially, if You are pressed for time or wish to practice the vinyasas and truly find connection in Your being by lacing movement to the breath and being fully present to observe this process. Poses include anjaneyasana or crescent twists, fierce pose utkatasana and ardha svarga dvidasana (half bird-of-paradise pose). We finish with a propped up shavasana, so You might want to bring a rolled mat, carpet or a blanket to the mat. If this does not suit You, don´t hesitate to simply rest in regular corpse position.
Kelly Hrupa
50 minutes