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The day we fight back

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There´s a story that goes with this session. On the 11th of February 2014, Shunyashunya joins the fight against mass surveillance on the internet (if You visited our site on the date, You might have noticed the banner for signing the petition already). This class is inspired by the event and celebrates the courage and strength to fight for our rights, beliefs and freedom. We work with the third chakra energy, which enables us to act on our instincts and principles to reach our goals. Overall, this is a strong sweaty flow with quite a bit of challenges and core work. Poses include eka pada koundiyanasana I, vasisthasana, warriors, navasana and (urdhva) dhanurasana. We finish off with a short meditation on the third, manipura, chakra and cultivate confidence to boldly go forward and realize ideas. Join in and let´s share the energy to fight for our rights!
Kelly Hrupa
68 minutes