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Yoga chikitsa - Ashtanga primary series

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I find it to be a very enriching to practice the primary series every once in a while, so join me in this 90 minute class, where we take a look at the yoga chikitsa of Sri K. Patthabi Jois, this elegantly and wisely designed systematic asana sequence. This session is suitable for beginners (although perhaps not meant for first-time yogis), as well as makes sense to practice, if You are on intermediate level too. We will skip the peak poses, which are really too challenging for beginners and ´newbies´ on intermediate level, so fear not. You will work, discipline Yourself and develop Your hamstrings, which are essential areas to help us move deeper in our asana practice. We take proper rest in shavasana, as Guruji insisted.
Kelly Hrupa
96 minutes
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